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Rakiura Team grew out the Sears Holdings big data journey of implementing and using Hadoop in a large enterprise. As an early adopter of the technology, we had to develop unique solutions for challenges such as migrating data and applications from Mainframe into Hadoop - and transferring the data back again if needed - making Hadoop secure in an enterprise environment, and rewriting legacy code for Hadoop. These skills are a departure for traditional architects, developers and database administrators, but we were successful in transitioning to open platforms and can help you achieve the same…much faster than doing it on your own.

Guided by Rakiura leadership that provides a strong background in driving both enterprise-scale and line of business strategic initiatives, our team offers inclusive onsite and remote consulting services from our Bangalore based headquarters and support from our India delivery center.

Rakiura defines three layers for its Big Data solutions.

Big Data Platform

Engine for processing
huge amounts of data
in diverse formats.
Hadoop and in-memory databases
serve as such platforms.

Analytics Software

Libraries equipped with
high-level data analysis
functions and
data mining packages.

Analytics Consulting

Frameworks and design
best practices to
offer solutions for
each operation challenge.

Big Data Consulting Team Bangalore

Our Bangalore based Big Data consultants can help you connect the dots of your Hadoop strategy with vendor neutral advisement on identifying the right open source technologies, use cases and best practices for your research and performance needs. We can provide an instructional framework for preparing a case for Hadoop to help you foster executive and stakeholder support for your big data program.

Big Data Support Team India Bangalore

Our India based delivery team is your extended results driven partner for big data solutions development, application support, and 24/7 administration and monitoring of your Hadoop clusters and NoSQL databases. Our team contributes to the advancement of open source technologies and associated tools through intensive testing and research of critical issues and latest trends to ensure your big data solutions meet top industry standards.

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